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Kuanwei Haarschutz Hair Serum 100ml

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kuanwei haarschutz hair serum 100ml

Kuanwei Haarschutz Hair Serum is formulated to strengthen hairs & prevent hair loss. its majority acts on hair roots & stimulate hair growth phase by inducing reactivation of dermal papilla cells.

Multi-peptides in hair vitalizing serum that helps to block the effects of DHT hormones & traget hair growth at the cellular level

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🍃 "From Thin to Thick: Transform Your Hair with 🌟 Kuanwei Haarschutz Hair Serum.”🍃

🌱 Kuanwei Haarschutz Hair Serum: a revolutionary solution enriched with three potent ingredients, Caffeine, Procapil®, Redensyl® and Anagain™, designed to promote healthy hair growth and combat hair loss.🌱

🌱 The combination of Caffeine, Anagain™, Procapil®, and Redensyl® in Kuanwei Haarschutz Hair Serum creates a synergistic effect that not only extends the growth phase of the hair cycle but also improves the overall vitality of hair follicle cells. This leads to stronger, thicker, and healthier hair growth, making it a effectively solution for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning hair..🌱

👉☘️ Benefits of Kuanwei Haarschutz Hair Serum☘️👈

✅ Improves hair density and thickness.

✅ Helps to strengthen the hair strands.

✅ Helps in boosting the hair stem cells.

Direction For Use:

Step 1-: Pump out the adequate amount of serum in your palm

Step 2-: Apply few drops of serum on the affected area of your scalp. use the serum on clean and dry scalp

Step 3-: Gently massage the serum on your scalp for a minute and leave for it to get absorbed.

Step 4-: Leave the serum overnigh for best results

Kuanwei Haarschutz Hair Serum does not make your Scalp greasy, heance frequent hair wash is not compulsory.

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